Narrowing down the possibilities in any given Web application Datamenus has designed a platform which creates the building blocks for any Web application. WebbegetTM establishes a standard architecture for building Web applications and is a tool that Datamenus uses to create infrastructure for custom Web applications. It can also be used in conjunction with the Datamenus.com Platform to provide rapid development of assets leading to a faster turn-around on your project. WebbegetTM has many form based options including standard form elements, customized form elements and many feature rich widgets. You can also select the technologies that you wish to use or adopt such as standard javascript, jQuery or the latest version which generates a React front-end.

The Datamenus.com Platform uses the Model View Controller (MVC) design paradigm which consists of the latest architectural design patterns for the Web. It utilizes a light-weight and popular MVC platform called CodeIgnitor which runs on a MariaDB database and PHP server-side scripting,